Grå LED Taklampa nyiuzk722-Hem & Trädgård

Grå LED Taklampa nyiuzk722-Hem & Trädgård

Ranex 6000.539 Mia Ceiling Light – 30 cm – Grey
Create more ambiance in your living room, bedroom or hallway with the Ranex Mia Ceiling Light from the Ceiling Dream series. The ceiling light has a 30 cm diameter and suits almost every room. The ceiling light shade is made of textile, which creates a more attractive light. The ceiling light is equipped with two E14 fittings, suitable for lightbulbs with a maximum of 40 W.

Choose your color and size
The Ranex Mia series is available in five different colors and three different sizes. This means you can choose the ceiling light which suits you and your interior the best.

Change it into a hanging lamp
If you prefer a hanging lamp over a ceiling light, you can easily expand the ceiling light with the Ranex 6000.518 suspension kit. The same attractive lamp in a different way. This way you can have the same style of lamps in every room.

On the Ranex Mia Ceiling Light you receive 2 years warranty.

What’s in the box"
- Ranex Mia Ceiling Light
- Instruction manual

- Create a better atmosphere in your home with the textile light shade
- Use it as a hanging lamp with the Ranex 6000.518 suspension kit
- Always enough lightning thanks to the two E14 fittings
- Available in different colors and sizes
- Suitable for different lightbulbs up to 40 W
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